Brandon Blakeslee

Greetings and thank you for wanting to know more about me. Even if you accidently clicked my picture, feel free to stick around. I’m Brandon Blakeslee and am currently in the Transatlantic PhD program at the University of Texas in Arlington. My academic interests include cultural, intellectual, and even transnational history with a focus on Latin America and to a lesser extent Sub-Saharan Africa so if you have read a good book on those topics please let me know. My own research focuses on Argentina and how soccer was used to aid the formation of an Argentine identity and am toying with the idea of expanding my gaze to other countries in Latin America.

I also have non academic interests that include but are not limited to: computer gaming, comics, Christopher Nolan movies (and movies in general), music (eclectic though I don’t have an ear for country and rap), and so on. Basically I’m a huge nerd and love nerding out and would love to nerd out with you about whatever.

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