Sebastian Fuentes

I am a second year doctoral student. My academic interests include: sexuality and queer studies, masculinity, the body and disability studies, and consumer culture and capitalism. I lean more toward post-1950s transatlantic narratives. I currently research intersections regarding the commodification of the body as displayed in erotic economies – sex workers and pornography, disability and consumer culture.

Other areas of academic interests include Comic Book History and early modern Western European History. However, I pursue these two areas simply for fun, which means my personal library is rather eclectic. I encourage you to check out my interactive library on my website listed below if you want a book suggestion or two. Have a book suggestion for me, click the email link below and drop me a note.

Apart from being a part-time doctoral student, I work full-time in a higher education administrative role. In my spare time, whenever that may be, I enjoy spending quality time with my Xbox One. And, I am a novice collector of superhero statues.

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